Typography T-Shirts + Pin Giveaway

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Since we’re wrapping up for our latest Crank It Up! T-shirt and preparing it for production, it’s time to introduce our next designs in line. It’s our first ever typography T-shirts, and we have two designs, one is written with Helvetica (of course), and the other one is using DIN.

We will start producing each of the T-shirts once it reaches 12 or more orders. So if you’re a type nut, then click away!

Pin Giveaway

Neuro-Designs Pins

While we were cleaning out our portfolio stocks, we found these lying there by themselves. So we decided that anyone who buys two of our T-shirts that are still available at our Store section, will receive one of these, free of charge. Hurry up, the go on a first-come, first-served basis.

Pre-orders have been closed. You can now purchase this T-shirt in our store.