Our Effort to Stop Supporting IE6


Please Upgrade Your Browser

As our form of participation to the start of the movement of various design and IT professionals to go against IE6 and stopping our support for it, we’ll be installing our own browser upgrade notice to websites that we make for clients who chose not to support IE6. The websites incorporating this will auto-detect the browser, and renders this page to visitors using IE6, providing them links to download Firefox, Safari, Opera, or IE7 if you must. In the long run, we hope that this effort would “force” people to upgrade their outdated browsers.

As a news update, as written in a recent article in Wired, even Microsoft supports the anti-IE6 movement. So there seems to be no more reason for users not to upgrade their browsers to the latest standards, and I think we’re closet to that point where we can simply ignore people who protested that websites don’t work in IE6.