Ciao, Massimo


Massimo Vignelli

Two days ago, the design industry lost one of their greatest assets when Massimo Vignelli passed away at the age of 83. To the world, Vignelli is known best as the person who designed the New York City Subway Map, the previous logo for American Airline, and a prolific user of Helvetica. To us, calling Vignelli an inspiration would be an understatement. His vision and passion to modernism was one of the very reason that shaped us today, and we mourn in our hearts for this loss.

Ciao, Massimo. Riposa in pace e grazie di tutto.

Apparently Clients from Hell just got their video uploaded, and it is hilarious to say the least. This reminds us why we only work with select clients, and even with that, sometimes we feel we didn’t do enough filterings.

We found this video in Google+ and it is a very good explanation on why we need time to generate the best ideas. It is worth the share :)

Credit goes to Rico J. Ishak.

So Long, Steve Jobs


Steve Jobs

I think this is how it feels to wake up on a bad dream. Rest in peace, Steve, you will inspire us for many, many years to come. Nobody will come close to what you have achieved for you, Apple, and the people whose lives are changed because of your visions.

So long, see you on the other side, and thanks for everything.

Steve jobs

Today, unexpectedly, Steve Jobs announced his resignation from being Apple’s CEO. A position he has stood in for many years, a position that has been an inspiration for many people. To me, personally, Steve has always been the greatest entrepreneurial inspiration.

Without Steve, we would’ve still be stuck with Windows in the office. Without Steve, we wouldn’t have what we’re able to do now. And without Steve, indirectly, Neuro-Designs would just become another “design” company that lacks self-definition.

So thank you, Steve, for making our lives easier, especially as designers, and for the ultimate teaching that all designers should’ve listened to: Quality over everything.