Moduler Multimedia Company Profile



For Moduler’s Multimedia Company Profile, the client and ourselves decided to do something a bit different from the rest of those typical fitted-on-a-CD-ROM company profiles.

The first difference is on the size of the CD. Instead of the regular 12 cm CDs, we used the mini-CD (8 cm) to contain our work. The second difference is on the packaging. This time we were given the chance to do some experimental work on the CD case. Instead of having a regular full-sized printed label, the label was printed on a transparent sticker and placed on the corner to give a translucent and layered feel. Third, Indonesian companies never really did gave a look on cross-platform designs. We’re pretty proud that this is our first fully-functional hybrid company profile that runs on both the PC (using Powerpoint) and the Mac (using interactive Quicktime), so whoever Moduler’s clients are, they’ll get the best of both worlds when viewing this company profile.

This is a pretty fast project that spanned only for a few days, and it may be a small project. But having a new experimental experience on packaging and cross-platform design, that is priceless.

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