A couple of months ago, commissioned Neuro-Designs to do a rework on their website. We refreshed their website with a bold color scheme and at the same time, enhanced their intreface design to accommodate their growing needs. This enables them to easily cater their users with a relatively easy learning curve.

On the technical side, this new design features a modular system so that can easily adjust or adapt existing elements to be used in new pages or layouts. Hopefully this new design system can serve for many years to come.

To find out what is, simply head to their How It Works page.

Ransel Kecil T-shirt

In collaboration with Ransel Kecil, we are going to produce these T-shirts that can become your pride and joy when traveling :)

Who is Ransel Kecil? It is a collaborative blog on travel planning tips and reports. This blog is independently run, so they wanted to give a token of appreciation to their contributors (yes, those who made the nice articles in Ransel Kecil). Additionally, with their outstanding traffic increase as more and more people are interested with their website, they will also need more resources to keep their website going. What else could be better to help them and to own a piece of that good stuff along the way.

This T-shirt will feature a quote from the legendary traveller Paul Theroux, and the Ransel Kecil logo on the back. And as with all of the T-shirts we produced, they will be treated with the utmost quality and our production standards. All the details on how to order are available from Ransel Kecil’s website.

So what are you waiting for? Order one now, and take it with you on your next trip.

idVR360 Website

After a month of intense development, the newly redesigned website for idVR360 is finally released, featuring a clean design with an industrial gallery look.

idVR360 is a unique photography company, producing interactive panorama photos for various needs and applications. Something that is rarely seen in Indonesia’s photography industry.

idVR360 Identity

On top of the website, we also designed a new logo for them to better reflect the services they do.

Click here to visit their new website.

Pray for Japan

To show our support for Japan, we decided to make our own relief effort by designing this T-shirt. Profits from the sales will be donated to help Japan in their effort to restart. It may be nothing, but as small as the donations may be, people in Japan would still need it.

At the end of the sales, we will be channeling the donation to one of these websites, and since the donation comes from you, we will announce the donation amount publicly.

Pre-orders have been closed. You can now purchase this T-shirt in our store.

Alkitab Terjemahan Baru

Neuro-Designs launched the Alkitab Terjemahan Baru for iPhone and iPod touch. It is the only Indonesian bible app that is endorsed and officially supported by the Indonesian Bible Society (Lembaga Alkitab Indonesia).

It is compatible with your iOS 4.0 or later iDevices. The Alkitab Terjemahan Baru is available now for 99ยข in the App Store, or click here to visit the microsite.