I stumbled upon a good article at Smashing Magazine. This explains the very fundamental things that a corporate client must consider when they want to start making a website or to clean up the mess of their current website.

I was just browsing around and stumbled upon an article on how clients should appreciate logo designs more, for their own businesses, not the designers. This article shows you why you should really take great care when you want your logo to be designed, with good references as well.

Congratulations, Obama


We just love well-designed books. A few days back, we just got our pre-ordered ABC3D pop-up book shipment from Amazon arrived at our door step. As simple as this book may be (After all, it’s just about the alphabet from A to Z), it is intricately engineered as a very sophisticated pop-up book. Here are some more shots on the book, and a few of its pages:





It’s sad really, that other than our friend Andrew Shu’s wedding invitation, we never see any local pop-up books that are engineered as good as this one. So, come to think of it, this is money well spent.

Here’s a promotional video of the book:

You can find more information about the book at its website.

WordPress 2.7


WordPressSimply put, we love WordPress. For the past few years, WordPress has gone through many changes and evolved into a convenient, simple, potent, and robust platform which can be used not only for blogging, but also for a highly configurable and extendable Content Management System. Apart from our own proprietary NMS (Neuro Management System), we often use WordPress for several of our website projects that require fast-deployments.

A week ago, we saw the first view of WordPress’ latest iteration’s (version 2.7) visual design. While we thought the current 2.6 dashboard is way better than anything before, we think it’s safe to say that the new one is even much better. And we’re sure, apart from the visuals, there are a lot of improvements made. So we’re looking forward to try this out when it’s out.