About Fax Machines

Life at the Office

This has been bugging our minds for a few months now, but we just haven’t got the time to deal with it. Starting from today, we decided to remove our fax number from the Contact page. Yes, you can see it for yourself that it no longer exists. From this point onward, we encourage our clients to use emails instead of sending us faxes. And every time we are asked to fax something, we will prioritize on asking if we can email them instead.

Some people may ask why, and some people would argue that being a business, a fax number is definitely a necessity. Somewhat true, but we have our reasons:

Reason One: It Consumes Paper
Little that we notice, but we think we generated enough paper trash because of this. We often get failed fax transmissions, misprinted a transmission into two copies, and the most annoying thing is when the sender thinks that the fax is rejected. They will keep sending the fax until they think we got it, and the fax just keeps printing here. We prefer to be an environmentally-conscious company.

Reason Two: It Prints Badly
Anyone seen an advertisement for a multi-function printer, where they said faxes will print super fast, clean, and crisp. Let’s just be realistic now. Seriously, we never had this in our entire life. All the faxes we ever got was poorly sent, barely unreadable, and the list go on. It is quite pointless.

Reason Three: We Have Emails
While Indonesia is probably not the best country with the best internet connection out there, but we are definitely getting there. Internet connections are getting more affordable and everyone seems to have a BlackBerry (excluding us, technically). So we assume that emails are no longer an issue. And isn’t it great if we can keep all documents digital and easily accessible any time?

So why are we still using faxes? We don’t, and we’re stopping now.

PS: We’re not ditching our fax machine and it will still be there, but we’re just going to reduce its usage significantly.