Dirgahayu, Indonesia


Dirgahayu, Indonesia

To celebrate the Independence Day holiday, our office will be closed on August 17, 2020.

Dirgahayu, Indonesia.

Eid Mubarak


To commemorate the Eid Ul-Fitr holiday, our office will be closed on May 24 to May 26, 2020.

May the day of celebration be a joyous moment for those who celebrate.

Have a Blessed Vesak


Our office will be closed on Thursday, May 7, 2020 for the Vesak national holiday. Have a blessed Vesak.

May the Fourth Be with You


Face Masks


Because we opened the donation program prior in getting the face masks done from our suppliers, we received a lot of questions on how they look like.

Today we received several finished samples from our suppliers. These are 2-ply washable cloth masks with elastic ear loops, and they should be comfortable for prolonged use. As there are a couple of suppliers producing these, they come in two different models, and we will distribute them equally.

Thanks to your kind donations, we have ordered 1,000 masks and our suppliers are working the best they can to get them delivered to us for distribution.

More updates will be posted once we have them.