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Solidia Technologies, 2011

Formerly known as CCS Materials, Solidia Technologies is a company that specializes on cutting-edge technology and methods to create eco-friendly construction materials while offering superior performance at the same time.

When they approached us, Solidia was in need of a new brand identity to move upscale the image from their previous name. This was one of our biggest projects that we have covered to date. Starting from the logo, which represents the reaction process of their core technology was the first thing we did to establish a basic identity style for the newly-renamed company. As an ongoing effort to promote their company, Solidia also needed a new website that can reflect their change and act as an information hub about their manufacturing technology.

One particular request that we enjoyed working on was a set of ’Technology Badges‘ that they plan to use on various products. Each of these badges represents one of the many characteristics of their products, including low carbon footprint and resin-free bonding.


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