Projects: Skin Dewi

Skin Dewi prides itself as providers of natural and gentle skincare products formulated with certified organic ingredients. As the range of products and services have increased over the years, there was a need to streamline the look within the brand.

Neuro-Designs developed a colour system for Skin Dewi’s packaging range to ease recognition between product categories, while maintaining the signature Skin Dewi Green brand colour that customers are familiar with. The extensive project also includes a thorough redesign to create a consistent brand look throughout the varying sizes and shapes of the packaging across their entire product lineup.

Skin Dewi, 2020

Project Type:

Skin Dewi - Packaging Boxes
Skin Dewi - Bottle Detail
Skin Dewi - Bottle Detail
Skin Dewi - Tube Detail
Skin Dewi - Packaging Design Guideline
Skin Dewi - Packaging Bottles