Projects: Pop! Harris Hotels

Smart, value, and eco-friendly are the three keywords that describe Pop! Hotels, a hotel brand managed by Tauzia that gives a new edge in the way of lodging. To further emphasize the experience of travelers staying at this hotel, a revolutionary way was also needed to introduce this excitement to the guests right from the minute they arrive.

In collaboration with the hotel’s back end system original developer, Neuro-Designs designed the exclusive iPad Check-In system for guests to experience a new way on how Pop! Hotels utilize technologies for the comfort of their customers. Pop! Hotels since then became the first hotel chain to implement such system in Indonesia.

This system allows Pop! Hotels to reduce the amount of paper waste every time a confirmation signature from a guest is required. Every single bit of data—including the digitized signature—is stored in dedicated servers within the hotel, and can be retrieved at any time when needed.

TAUZIA Hotel Management, 2010

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Pop! Harris Hotels - iPad Check-in
Pop! Harris Hotels - iPad Check-in