Ciao, Massimo


Massimo Vignelli

Two days ago, the design industry lost one of their greatest assets when Massimo Vignelli passed away at the age of 83. To the world, Vignelli is known best as the person who designed the New York City Subway Map, the previous logo for American Airline, and a prolific user of Helvetica. To us, calling Vignelli an inspiration would be an understatement. His vision and passion to modernism was one of the very reason that shaped us today, and we mourn in our hearts for this loss.

Ciao, Massimo. Riposa in pace e grazie di tutto.

Upcoming National Holidays


Our office will be closed on Tuesday, May 27, and Thursday, May 29 for both the Ascension of the Prophet Muhammad and the Ascension Day of Jesus Christ holidays.

The 2014 Renovation

Life at the Office

The 2014 Renovation

Around a month ago, we decided to begin a major renovation to our office. Basically, our needs have outweighed the last renovation we did in 2012, and we simply need more space to grow. Fortunately, the house the office is located at still has a lot of space to build upon.

To visually archive this year’s renovation progress (as well as to post a bunch of other stuff happening in the office), we decided to open a Flickr account for the company. You can follow the 2014 Renovation set here.

Happy Easter!


Happy Easter!Our office will be closed on Friday, April 18, 2014 for the Easter holiday. We’ll be back open again on Tuesday, April 22, 2014.
Happy Easter!

Our Store is Back Online!


Redesigned Store

Since the last time we redesigned our website, we have been working hard bringing the Store back by looking at the simplest way to do things. You can see the results here.

We never planned to have the most sophisticated shopping cart in the world as that would be redundant for the workflow we’re looking for, and we’re also designers first and storekeepers second. Right now we’re just looking for the fastest way to get our limited products to you, and I think our current setup works.

We also know that we haven’t exactly been too productive on the store front, but rest assured, hopefully this year, we will have new products coming.