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Gong Xi Fa CaiTo celebrate the Chinese New Year national holiday, our office will be closed on Monday, February 11, 2013. We will be back open the next day.

Happy Chinese New Year to those who celebrate!

The 2012 Office Renovation

Life at the Office

For more than 10 years, our small studio has been its current state. Since its construction back then, it looks pretty much the same except for furniture upgrades and unplanned improvements. We needed something new. And with great joy that we finally finished the renovation just before we hit the new year in December.

Before we started the renovation, we’re quite settled that we wanted something that looks less sterile. Something that looks modern, comfortable, but doesn’t have all the white glaring at us while we’re working. So we turned this (photo was taken at 2007):

Neuro-Designs at 2007

into this:

Neuro-Designs at 2012

With last year’s renovation, we wasted no time at all planning all the new furnitures and made sure that there is no space left without function (except white space, of course. And pardon the pun). Let me bring down the details to the things we did with the new office.

First of all, we hated the old floor. Yes, it came with the house the studio is attached to, but for improvement’s sakes, we opted for laminated flooring. We also installed three new ceiling lights improve the office’s lighting, as well as a full glass door to bring in even more light during the day. This gives our office at least 50% of lighting improvement.

We also custom-made our own workstation furnitures. What you see in the photo above is the result of Nyonyo pulling out his superb engineering and product design skills. Our new workstations were built from scratch from welded steel and reclaimed wood, and it comes installed with a custom-made cable box for neat cable organization. The workstations are now paired with Accupunto director chairs.

Plant Shelves

Zooming to the west wall–which is also our office facade–we scrapped off the vertical blinds for something more functional. Other than the reason that we’re too cheap to buy new window treatments (no, just kidding), the new shelvings practically act as plant holders. And in bright and sunshiny days, it also functions as a passive sunshade.

Toy Shelf

Moving on the the south wall, we installed a dedicated display shelf for the toy collection in our office. The shelf also holds poster frames and a variety of things that we prefer not to hang on the wall.

Toy Display Case

The north wall features a full-height display case to hold yet more toys (trust me, toys are good). It is organized into 4 sections. From top right clockwise, they are the Godaikin section, the Star Wars section, the 80’s and 90’s toys section, and the Transformers section. Next to it is a dedicated bookcase that you can partially see on the next two photos.

Movable Utility Table

We also built a movable utility table stored by the cabinets at the north wall. This table houses a variety of office supplies and stationeries. A pretty handy thing to keep the office neat.

East Wall

Moving slightly to the right, we painted one corner of the office with our signature blue color, added another book shelf to the east wall, recycled from the old ones we pulled off the old office, and we replaced the storage room–which we call “Le Dungeon”–door with a new one.

Le Dungeon

“Le Dungeon” is a small storage unit adjacent to the main studio. It houses our networking equipment that manages the network throughout the house, as well as a small pantry to keep us alive for some time should there be a zombie apocalypse.

So there we go, a quick tour of what our office has become after more than a decade standing there. Not to shabby for 3-weeks worth of planning.

Disclaimer: No, we don’t store little children for snacks in the “Le Dungeon”. If you hear otherwise, that is just simply absurd.

Mawlid National Holiday


Our office will be closed tomorrow on Thursday, January 24, 2013 for this year’s Mawlid national holiday. We will be back open on Friday.

Season’s Greetings


Season's Greetings

Company Outing I: Archery

Life at the Office

Archery at Gelora Bung Karno

Last Saturday, we went out on what we call our first official company outing (Yes, 13 years in existence and we never had one. Imagine that). Before we decide what we should do in our premiere outing, there are a few things that we had in mind. First, the obvious reason: We never had an official outing. Second, we needed a break from our office routines, and going to the mall doesn’t seem to be quite that productive. We needed something constructive, and probably athletic. Third, we needed to prepare our personnels for the zombie apocalypse. No seriously, we need to. Therefore, the logical choice is to go for archery!

Wanting to do archery is easy, but actually getting to the proper facilities to do it is another problem. Using Google, we found out that the best bet to do this is to use Fokado. We then went off buying a few gift vouchers. We didn’t even know until then that the archery range in Senayan is open for public use.

Apart from the enjoyable experience we had that day, it is unfortunate and actually pretty sad to see that the archery range is very badly maintained, some of the equipments are not in top notch condition, and some–if not most–arrows are in a very bad shape. Not to mention that Gelora Bung Karno has a pretty bad way-finding system. It would be great if the government can put an extra care in this sports. It’s exciting, unique, and it can be a great alternative to spend a weekend for many people.

Nevertheless, this has been an awesome experience for us. Despite that we’re still practically sucky in getting the arrows to fly straight, archery isn’t as hard as we imagined it would be. We just need constant practice, and in fact, some time in the near future, we might just gonna go for it again. But the most important thing is that we now somewhat know how to deal with the undead from meters away.